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Eggs! How old are they really?

by Reis Real Estate & Company Inc. 01/18/2021

Here is something I didn't know:
Eggs - How do you know how old those eggs really are at the market? Turns out there is a number on the carton that will tell you when those eggs were actually packaged. under the EXP date there is a three digit number. ... that number tells you when they were packaged....but you need to read the chart below to figure out the date. (it would be too easy to just print the date).... The chart is basically the "day of the year". for example January 31 is number 031 February 1 is 032, December 31 would be 365 (or 366 if its a leap year)   I picked up some eggs yesterday from Roche Bros in Bridgewater the number under the EXP date is 358- which is December 23.
So, Kinda old! and that's the package date, when were these eggs laid? I think I will be getting my eggs from Hanson's Farm in Bridgewater, MA from now on.
Carolyn Reis
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